Importation and Exportation

We are reshaping the fashion with our fast and high quality service understanding and our foreign export and export oriented works. We follow every step of our production in detail to ensure quality and safety standards. We present our export products to you by passing them through the last stages.

As the EMWISH GLOBAL family, which has gained the appreciation and trust of worldwide brands, we carry out our exports without any problems. We take all our responsibilities with our expert staff in line with the interests of our customers.

Our extensive network of global sourcing and sourcing enables us to produce competitive and value-added products.We offer our services with fast delivery times in order to raise the success of our valued customers to a higher level. 

Service Features

  • CE Certified Applications

  • Project and Engineering management

  • Customer relations management

  • Foreign trade consultancy

  • Quality and Environmental Practices

  • International marketing consultancy

  • Competitive Costs

  • Final checks and tests before delivery

  • Expert consultancy services

Our Policies

Our Quality Policy

We never compromise our quality policy in order to add value to our country in our sector. In this sense, we always act with the principle of reliability and honesty, both in line with our company policies and with our employees. We take special care to lay solid foundations for the future by using quality materials, and to produce projects that comply with quality standards and technology.

Our Environmental Policy

In order to develop and increase the environmental awareness of the society, we ensure that our employees, social stakeholders and suppliers are raised and encouraged. We work in an environmentally friendly manner in all our activities in order to provide a good future for new generations without harming the ecological balance in any way.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our primary goal in all the projects in which we operate is to analyze all risks related to occupational health and safety and to eliminate the risks that may occur. For this purpose, we are committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees and people who may be affected by our activities, and to eliminate the dangers. By keeping occupational health and safety at the highest level, we provide the necessary training to our employees and take the necessary precautions and safety in the works we take part in. We take care to work in a safe way by considering the safety and health of our employees and the people around us

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Other Services

  • Textile and Clothing

    We always aim to be one step ahead with our wide collection, which is constantly renewed and closely follows the fashion in the sector.Our high-capacity and environmentally friendly products with

  • International Transportation

    We add strength to your trade with fast and undamaged transportation of our products in today’s changing conditions of the competitive market. We provide the continuity of international import and

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