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    Be humble in all dealings with our partners, clients and team members. True wisdom and understanding belong to the humble.

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    Success is when we can achieve results in the things we are passionate about and feel as though we are making a difference.

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    We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.


Who are we?

Vertical integration of the supply chain, allowing easy market access The textile and apparel sector is one of the main engines for the development of Türkiye, with a value chain that has been consolidating and integrating towards more value added products..The dynamic process of vertical integration of the industry has incorporated all production activities of the textile and apparel chain, from the production of fibers, manufacture of yarns and fabrics, product design, garment manufacturing and the associated logistics, besides offering countless opportunities to enter new businesses in the upper and lower end of the value chain and related activities.

Emwish Global

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Emwish Global; With more experience and a network of trusted suppliers, offers the shortest lead times and the most cost-effective fabric solutions

Why Choose Us?

With the zeal to exceed client expectations, our offshore team ensures that all goods being shipped are 100% inspected and adhere to all agreed upon specifications. Our current range of products is comprised of materials which have been tailored to meet the demands of the industry.Our team of experienced textile professionals has a wealth of industry knowledge and a strong desire to make sure our clients receive the best fabrics for their specific applications. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we are known throughout the industry for our superior fabric quality, reduced lead times and exceptional customer service..

Both your brand and your bottom
line are important to us

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  • Best talent in the industry business.

  • One of the most expirienced company.

  • We have completed over 500 projects.

  • Most dedicated and passionate team.

  • Company has over 20 workers.

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We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible project results.

One of the ways we strive to make a positive impact on your business is by helping you reduce both time and risk. We accomplish this through our inventory stocking program, which provides you the ability to maneuver quickly in today’s changing, and often volatile market. Also, by providing you with exceptional products, we help reduce your total cost of quality and strengthen your brand image all at once. As our client, both your brand and your bottom line are important to us.

Emwish Global


Our latest projects.

At Industify Company, we rely on honesty, discipline and hard work and believe our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to the beginning of the company.We like to think of ourselves as facilitators. Whether you are a large manufacturer, a store or an online retailer, we can develop the right solution for you.As a result of our commitment to excellence, we are known throughout the industry for our superior fabric quality, reduced lead times and exceptional customer service.

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    We produce our athlete and body molds suitable for all ages and sizes from 100% combed cotton fabric. We offer…

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